Can pregnant women visit dentists?

Yes, of course, you can and actually should. Seeing a dentist is independent

of whatever medical condition or age you could have. Seeing a dentist doesn’t actually mean they have to extract a tooth or must do any procedure; it could just be a check-up and you are advised on what to do depending on the status of your mouth. You should also know that in case any procedure is to be done, the dentist knows it’s going to be safe for both you and the baby. In most cases the dentist will ask you questions like do you have any medical conditions? are you on any medications? do you have any allergies? how old is the pregnancy? All these questions are information that the doctor gathers to ascertain your safety.

In most cases, dental procedures are limited in the first 3 months of the pregnancy because of the prescribed medication that could be unsafe in the child’s development. However, things like cement, cleaning(scaling) can be done, braces can be maintained.
After those 3 months, most of the dental procedures can be done even tooth extractions.
Regular visits to the dentist during pregnancy are advised because of the pregnancy hormonal changes that usually affect the mouth structures negatively for example the gum whose pain when diseased is equivalent to that of a tooth.
The regular dental visits could be for checkups and follow-ups are short appointments because of the posture Dental X-rays have minimal radiation doses in comparison to other forms of X-rays done on the body, however, all X-rays are contraindicated (not to be done) during pregnancy.