It is no secret that women have unique health issues. These include pregnancy, menstruation, menopause and other conditions of the female reproductive system. To address these issues, Doctors’ Hospital Sseguku has a team of experienced midwives, medical officers, obstetricians and gynaecologists available 24hrs to offer care.

We offer preconception care where we counsel and prepare couples desiring to conceive. We also carry out antenatal care during pregnancy and conduct deliveries as well as post-natal care following delivery.

Family planning services, screening for cervical cancer as well as the provision of vaccination to prevent cervical cancer for young girls is available. We counsel and help couples dealing with infertility.

We also care for women with other conditions like cysts, sexually transmitted diseases, menopause-related symptoms and those with complications resulting from miscarriage.

Pleasant news to all ladies out there, we repair perineal tears sustained mainly during childbirth as well as vaginal tightening. Surgeries carried out by our team include Caesarean sections, tubal surgery, removal of fibroids and cysts.